Bacon Double Cheeseburger with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, American cheese, and mayonnaise

4/5/19 - It’s not your imagination, there is more bacon on fast-food menus—here’s why

A&W Restaurants, one of the oldest fast-food restaurants, claims to have invented the bacon cheeseburger all the way back in 1963. Dale Mulder, the restaurant’s chairman, put the item on the menu after customers kept asking for bacon on top of...

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Cod and Shrimp Pub Style Baskets

3/6/19 - And they're off: QSR annual fish fare face-off begins

 Through April 19, the Lexington, Kentucky-based brand is bringing back its shrimp and cod pub-style baskets, this year with the promise of "bigger shrimp."

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Rooty the Great Root Bear

3/5/19 - Why the Restaurant Brand Mascot Still Lives

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A&W Chicken Tender Box and To-Go Bag missing ampersand from logos

2/1/19 - A&W Drops Ampersand From Logo As Symbol Fails In Hashtags And URLs

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large orange ampersand with brown ampersands in the background

1/30/19 - A&W Takes Up a Worthy Cause: Adding the Ampersand (Back) Into the Alphabet

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A&W Restaurants mug with missing ampersand in logo

1/28/19 - A&W Wants to Add an Ampersand to the Alphabet

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Side view of an A&W Restaurant

1/23/19 - A&W Restaurants Lowers Franchise Royalties for New Operators

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Paul Martino

1/3/19 - A&W Restaurants Promotes Paul Martino to President

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